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The idea was originated in June 2009 after engagged long time being a worker.  Our very first store was opened in February 2010 at Crossgates Mall, Albany, NY.


This is family based company and continue to expand in the Captial Region Area as there is a high demand of eyebrow threading, henna tattoo and we are getting continued love and support from our customers. The only and one reason behind this is that we are being able to provide excellent and outstanding service to our customers. Our workers are long time experienced and take care of their customers with care and love. That is why, we have stand out as the number one threading place in terms of rating and popularity. 


As we expanding our locations we are also adding services in the list. Besides Threading and Henna Tatto we have also started providing Facials, Waxing, and other beauty related services.


We are very well committed to our services and customer satisfaction.


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